Our innovative vision and the management team’s skills and work ethics have led VRM to successfully deliver over 10,000 new homes and more than 4,000 residential and agricultural lots. Learn more about our team members here:

José A. Valdés

In 1982, Mr. Valdés founded and became President and CEO of Empresas VRM, a homebuilder in the Puerto Rico Market. Since then, Empresas VRM has become the largest home builder in Puerto Rico, as well as an investment company with presence in Florida, North Carolina, Arizona and Puerto Rico. Prior to Empresas VRM, since 1976, Mr. Valdés was partner in Empresas Rojo, a land developer and builder in Puerto Rico, and became it’s President in 1989. Mr. Valdés is a graduate from Cornell University with a B.S.A.E. degree.

Rafael Rojo

Rafael Rojo is an Economics and Business graduate from Springfield College in Massachusetts. He began his professional career in the housing industry in 1996 working as a project supervisor in Empresas VRM. In, 2000 Rafael Rojo became Vice-President and partner for Empresas VRM, position he currently holds and which has allowed him to personally oversee the development and construction of over 3,000 units. Mr. Rojo has been recognized for his hard work and achievements with important recognitions of the Industry.

José Valdés, Hijo

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Diego Rodríguez

Diego Rodriguez earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Miami. In 1992, Tensar Earth Technologies, the industry-leading manufacturer of geogrids utilized in a variety geotechnical engineering applications, hired Diego Rodriguez as Sales Manager for Latin America. In 1995, Mr. Rodriguez joined VRM Companies as a partner. In 1996 Mr. Rodriguez acquired his Professional Engineering License in Civil Engineering and as partner and project manager for VRM, has over 17 years of experience in economic feasibility analysis, site evaluation and acquisition, engineering and architectural review, all phases of permitting, construction contract coordination and implementation, as well as sales, marketing and management supervision.